Waste Water Treatment Plant


Brand: Aquafit 

Feed Flow Rate (cubic-meter/day)100 m3/day, 500 m3/day, 1000 m3/day, 50 m3/day
Automation GradeSemi-Automatic
Impurities to be removedOil and Grease, Dissolved Minerals, Turbidity, Color, pH, BOD, COD
IndustrySugar Industry, Dairy Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Distillery, Paper Mills, Leather Industry, Automobile, Slaughter House, Chemical/Petroleum Industry
Treatment StagesPreliminary Treatment, Primary Treatment, Tertiary Treatment, Disinfection
Installation TypeCompletes Civil work with Installation
Installation/Civil WorkInstallation Available
Air Blower Power (kW)0.75 kW
Air Blower Count2
Secondary Treatment TypeMoving Bed Bioreactor (MBBR), Fluidized Aerated Reactor, Activated Sludge, Dissolved Air Floatation, Sequential Batch reactor
Automatic gradeAutomatic
Capacity1 m3/hr – 12.5 m3/hr
Stp electricityAc 440 v / 60 hz / 3p
Chlorineless than 0.5mg/l
Max. suction pressure– 60 kpa
Suction pressure– 60 kpa
ApplicationFor sewage and industrial effluent
Minimum Order Quantity

1 Piece


  • Easy installation
  • Less space requirement
  • Easy operation and maintenance.


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