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We are the importer, contractor, suppliers of equipment and chemicals for Swimming pool, water fountain, spa and jacuzzi in Bangladesh. In 20012, Established in Bangladesh. We are the leading providers of Swimming pools, fountains, spas, jacuzzi in Bangladesh. We ensure highest quality and standard, thus providing an extra edge in the Bangladesh market. All you need is less space, time and money to build the premium quality Swimming pool, fountain, spa and jacuzzi anywhere you want.

Since day one the company has built a reputation based on quality products, economical solutions and efficiency services. Over the years we developed various technologies to provide and supply environment friendly and economical and affordable as well as effective water features like swimming pool, water fountain, spa, jacuzzi etc. Today, Bangladesh Swimming Pool Ltd offers services to customers across Bangladesh, with its complete line of products, designs and solutions. Ensuring the fast-improving technology globally available today.

We are the specialist with full capability to design, engineer and distribute systems and components for all types of swimming pool, wellness center, and water feature all over the Bangladesh markets. Our aim is to grow and be one of the leading swimming pools, wellness centre, and water feature companies in Bangladesh, we continually researching and developing new products to add to our extensive range. We genuinely care about our customer, our objective is to provide the highest level of service and the highest quality products and the best ever technical support in the industry.

About Safety Swimming Pool Plant

Swimming pool water gets polluted & contaminated by swimmers environment. For better safety of users it is essential to continuously trend & disinfectant the pool water for contamination over a long period of time, all across the world chlorine was used as a primary disinfectant. But use of chlorine has many disadvantages due to which alternative technologies are becoming popular. Techniques of pool water treatment. Among many other alternatives, use of ozone is the most popular across the world. Most of the hotels & resorts use ozone for swimming pool water treatment.

Advantages of ozone:

Ozonated pool water is very safe for swimmers. It does not give skin etching & eyes, hair fall, eye reddening, & teeth bitterness.

Ozone works on a wide pH range of water.

Ozone is the strongest oxidizing agent & disinfect water very quickly. E.g. ozone is 3000 faster than chlorine.

Ozone reacting with pool water does not create harmful by-products, so called disinfectant bi-products [DBP’s]. These DBP’s are harmful to swimmers, because study shows in one swimming session children’s gulp 150 to 200 ml of water & adults gulp 50-100 ml of pool water.

Ozone oxidizes organic impurities present in water with swimmers urine & sweat.

Ozone removes color & odor in pool water.

Ozone has a property of micro floatation and as result pool water becomes sparkling clear.

Ozone is produced at site; soil eliminates handling, transportation & storage hazard. After rayon’s study, test & research.

Ozone technology is approved & recommended by WHO, NSW, USPA, DIN, Olympic board, FINA & range similar governing bodies across the world.

Swimming pool awareness & acceptance:

In the US & Europe ozone has been used as a swimming pool disinfectant for many decades. Even private pools now use these technologies, still there are many countries that do not have suppliers & technology providers.

Now Chemtronics has developed a stand alone easy to install plug & play type integrated ozone system for all kinds of swimming pools.

What Are the Pool UV Systems?

UV pool sanitizers clean your pool almost completely without chemicals. Basically, they work like a germicide to get rid of unwanted microorganisms in the pool.

The UV light rays target harmful bacteria and other microorganisms in your pool water, alter their DNA so they can’t reproduce, and then kill them. Talk about high tech.

The UV light is contained so that it doesn’t hurt you or any swimmers. You also don’t need to rely on as many chemicals when using this method because the UV light takes care of most of the cleaning. In fact, after the water has been through the UV system, it comes out drinking quality (We don’t recommend actually drinking it though!).

As we mentioned, you don’t need to use a lot of chemicals, but you will need to use some. A UV sanitizer is not a 100% chemical-free system. Pool UV systems still use some chemicals (usually chlorine) to control the bacteria in the water that might take longer to get back to the filter. Sound complicated? Let’s break down how this system works in more detail.

The UV pool system is installed so that the water goes through the pool’s filtration system first, and then through the UV rays. The water flows through graphite housing where a UV light destroys bacteria, algae, viruses, and other microorganisms by attacking them through their cell walls.

Most pools with this system also use chlorine (just so the rest of the pool stays clean), but even then, they use much less than swimming pools that rely on chemicals alone.

But…is it safe? You ask. The UV light doesn’t leave the graphite chamber, which makes this a secure and safe way to clean your pool. In other words, you’re not going to be exposed to the light. Almost the entire process takes place within the system itself, and as an added bonus, it doesn’t need much maintenance.


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