Jar Water Treatment Plant

About Our Jar Water Treatment Plant

We are leading and reputed manufacturer of Mineral Water Plant in Bangladesh and related types of machinery for Mineral Water Plant. We are ready to design and implementation of Mineral Water Plant in Bangladesh with our Water Treatment Expertise on Turnkey basis. We are able to provide end to end to end services right from raw water analysis, plant design according to BSTI Rules & Regulations. We are capable to provide a proper marketing plan by surveying the current market for Mineral Water Plant in Bangladesh. All of our products and service quality are highly appreciated and accepted by the industry and customers because we use European and Japan standard goods where quality and brand image are uncompromising, as a result, we always remain at the forefront of the industry and we have successfully installed large and larger such kinds of Mineral Water Plant in Bangladesh with proudly and our customers are fully satisfied with our quality and services.


Jar Water Treatment Plant Applications

Treatment Schemes


Chlorination SystemFor Yeast &Mould and Microbiological impurities
Raw Water PumpFor Supply the Raw Water to System
Pressure Sand FilterFor Suspended Impurities & Turbidity
De-Chlorination SystemFor Chlorine removal
Activated Carbon FilterFor Chlorine, Color, Odor Removal
SP. Anti Scalent Dosing SystemFor De-Scaling of R.O. System
Micron Cartridge FilterFor Micron Impurities removal
High Pressure PumpFor High Pressure and Flow to R.O. System
Reverse Osmosis SystemFor TDS removal @ 99.5 % salt rejection
S.S. Product Water StorageFor Product water Storage
Supply PumpFor Supply to Post treatment
Mineral Adding SystemFor Online Mineral Adding to Product water
Absolute Micron FilterFor Fine Micron Impurities removal
Ultra Violet System – OnlineFor Bacteria and virus Removal
Ozonation SystemFor Ozone gas Generation
Oxygen GeneratorFor Oxygen gas generation
Ozone Re-Circulation ChamberFor Ozonated water Re-Circulation for More Ozone
Ozone Re-Circulation PumpFor Ozone Gas Mixing to Product water
Final Product Water Transfer PumpFor Supply to Filling machine

>>>> Water Source form origin Contains Chemical and Microbiological impurities which has to be treated at the source by using Chlorination or Ozonation System

>>>> The Chlorinated Water will help to remove Microbiological Impurities such as Yeast and Mold - Alge formation or any other Bacteriological Contamination.

>>>> After Chlorination water will be passing though Multi Grade Sand Filtration and Granule Activated Carbon Filter which help to remove suspended Impurities Turbidity, Color, Odor and Organic Impurities.

>>>> After First Stage of Filtration Water will be passing through Micron Filtration and Reverse Osmosis System which help to remove chemical impurities such as Hardness, Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) Arsenic, Iron, Fluoride, Chloride, Sulphateor any other Harmful / Toxic Content of Source Water.

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